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Rella's-shoesWelcome to my website. I’m Kate Wilson and I’m an illustrator. I trained at Ipswich Art School (which is no more, but there’s a nice art gallery in the old buildings) and at Dartington College of Arts (which is also not there any more – it moved to Falmouth). I have a South West Society of Botanical Artists (SWSBA) Diploma, also gained at Dartington  (Foxhole this time. Once again, the physical place does not exist any more and was to become the Abundant Life Project, but even that’s fallen by the wayside for the moment).  A few years ago I did a Totnes Art Society workshop on Chinese Brush Painting held at the Totnes Boating Association clubhouse. I might be worried if I was them…

hydrangea-mac-veitchii-paintedI’ve been working on the Veitch Lamp Post trail in Exeter – a series of 17 period cast iron lamp posts on 16 of which I’ve painted botanical illustrations of plants the Veitch family brought back to the UK . The lamp posts have been painted and a sample of the finished articles can be seen  here and on the blog posts on this website and also on the Veitch lamp post website which includes a map of the Lamp Post Trail


Paignton Zoo’s 2016 Great Big Rhino project ended well and all the rhinos were auctioned and raised lots of money for rhinos. The rhino I painted is called Blossom and she sold for over £3,000.  There are photos of the painting progress here.


Moor otters are kicking off too – see more of my otter, “Bud” here.

You may find you could use a year planner as well.  2017 year planners are available now, but only A3 size this year. 2018 should be ready soon.

Thanks for looking!


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